History of Plumbing Practice The birth of the plumbing profession in the Philippines is traced back to the 17th century. The CITY known as Intramuros. Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Revised National. document, for review, data, plumbing, law, book, free, pdf, building code.

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History of Plumbing Practice The birth of the plumbing profession in the Philippines is traced back to the 17th century. The CITY. provision of the Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines. treatment . Revised National Plumbing Code Of The Free Download Here. CHAPTER 1: ELEMENTS OF PLUMBING - Home Remodelers Store.

Plumbing shall be designed and adjusted to use the minimum quantity of water consistent with proper performance and cleaning. Devices for heating and storing water shall be so designed and installed as to prevent dangers from explosion through overheating. Every building abutting on a street, alley or easement with a public sewer shall connect its plumbing fixtures to the sewer system.

Each family dwelling unit shall have at least one water closet, one kitchen type sink, a lavatory and a bathtub or shower to meet the basic requirements of sanitation and personal hygiene. Plumbing fixtures shall be made of smooth non-absorbent material, free from concealed fouling surfaces and shall be located in ventilated enclosures. The drainage system shall be designed, constructed and maintained to safeguard against fouling, deposit of solids, clogging and with adequate cleanouts so arranged that the pipes may be readily cleaned.

All piping shall be of durable NAMPAP-approved materials, free from defective workmanship, designed and constructed by Registered Master Plumbers to ensure satisfactory service. Each fixture directly connected to the drainage system shall be equipped with a water-sealed trap.

The drainage pipes piping system shall be designed to provide adequate circulation of air free from siphonage, aspiration or forcing of trap seals under ordinary use.

Vent terminals shall extend to the outer air and installed to prevent clogging and the return of foul air to the building. Plumbing systems shall be subjected to such tests to effectively disclose all leaks and defects in the workmanship. Substance which will clog the pipes, produce explosive mixtures, destroy the pipes or their joints or interfere unduly with the sewage-disposal process shall not be allowed to enter the building drainage system.

Proper protection shall be provided to prevent contamination of food, water, sterile goods and similar materials by backflow of sewage. When necessary, the fixture, device or appliance shall be connected indirectly with the building drainage system.

No water closet shall be located in a room or compartment which is not properly lighted and ventilated. Administration Such approved plans and specifications shaH not be changed, modified or altered without authorization from the Administrative Authority and aU works shall be done in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

The holder of such partial permit may proceed at his ovm risk without assurance that the final permit for the entire building, structure or plumbing system will be granted. Two 2 sets of approved plans, specifications and data shall be returned to the applicant a! The issuance of a permit based on submitted plans.

In case of renewal of a plumbing permit, a fee equivalent to one-half the amount ofthe original fee shall be paid. Additions, alterations or repairs shall not render an existing system unsafe, unsanitcuy or overloaded.

All devices or safeguards required by this Code shall be maintained in conformance with the existing Code edition at the time the plumbing system was installed. When a backflow prevention device does not bear a critical level marking. It is discharged into the public sewer or into a private sewage disposal system.

Section "E" This is applicable also to air gap installation The disk is raised or lowered by means of a threaded stern connected to the handle of the valve..

One fixture unit is equivalent to a rate of flow at Section -. The opening in the valve is usually as large as the full bore of the pipe. Bel which is designed to discharge a predetermined quantity of water into fixtures for flushing purposes.. Y59 The movement of the plane of disc is parallel to the nonnal direction of flow of water through the orifice resulting to a tortuous passage which offers a high.

It is commonly used as a faucet for a pantry sink. In drainage.

J NPC Revised National Plumbing Coda of the Philippines Z 11 "J" Any trap. Definitions Conditions where the word "insanitary" shall apply include the following: Any defective fixture. The lowest portion of the interior part of any pipe or conduit that is not vertical. Any opening in a drainage system. R and other government: Any plumbing fixture or other waste-discharging receptacle or device.

Environmeatal Management Bureau D. It receives sewage from building sewer service connections only. The trough extends under two or more adjacent seats. Sometimes called a wash basin. In sewerage. AH labels shall be embossed.. Prohibited by health authorities for pennanent installations. See Conductor. Section "Nn: Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines: The term shall also include the building or room housing used. Change of occupancy is not interpreted to mean change of tenants or proprietors.

It National Master Plumbers Association of the Philippines. The cross-sectional shape is nonnally oval and is denoted by its outside diameter or 0. Such device or equipment may operate automatically through one or more of the following actions: Tube made of plastic material and colored black.

An appurtenance demands no additional water supply nor does it add any discharge load to a fixture or the drainage system. Nom1ally used as water service connection from main to meter. It performs some useful functions in the operation. SSlJRE -. Jndustrial or commercial tanks. Polyvinyl Chloride. In classification of plumbing fixtures. Drainpipes are manufactured with toxic components and are color-coded gray.

Potable water pipings are color-coded BLUE. In the classification of plumbing fixtures. I 1I A'PC These include sanitary and storm drainage.

The word "repair" or "repairs" shall not apply to any change of constmction or occupancy.. Section HR" Also called domestic sewage. Definitions Section "S" I 12 NPC Also a word used synonymousl y with faucet.

IS The inlet fitting of a fire standpipe located above ground level. STACK - the vertical main of a system of soil, waste or vent ptpmgs extending through one or more stories and extended thru the roof STANDPIPE- a vertical pipe, or a reservoir, into which water is pumped to give it at a head, classified as: STOREY - that portion of a building included between the upper surface of any floor and the upper surface of the floor next above.

The uppermost end above the roof is called stack vent through roof SVTR. SUMP - an approved tank or pit which receives sewage or wastewater and is located below the normal grade of the gravity system and must be emptied by mechanical means.

SUPPORTS - supports, hangers, anchors, brackets, cradles are devices for holding and securing pipes and fixtures to walls, ceiling, floors or structural members.

WATER - that portion of rainfa ll or other precipitation which runs off over the surface of the ground. SWIMMING POOL - a water basin used for swimming designed to accommodate many bathers at a time and properly connected to a di sposal system, fi ll s and draws water supply or provided with approved water purification and recirculation system. Section ''1'" 22I. Rooms adjacent and open to the space where the appliance is installed, through openings not furnished with doors, are considered a part of the unconfined space.

Also, implies siphonage in piping system. VENT SYSTEM - pipes installed to provide flow of air to or from a drainage system or to provide a circulation of air within such system to protect traps seals from siphonage and backpressure. AM -any joint or seam obtained by the joining. Also, a pipe fitting of three branches that form the letter c.

YOKE VENT - a pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste stack below the floor and below horizontal connection to an adjacent vent stack at a point above the tloor and higher than highest spill level of fixtures for preventing pressure changes in the stacks. Nominal pipe sizes recognized for these purposes are: No fitting having more than one inlet at the same level shall be used unless such fitting is constructed so that the discharge trom one inlet cannot readily enter into the other inlet.

Vertical installation of double sanitary tees may be used when the barrel of the fitting is at least two 2 pipe sizes larger than the largest side inlet. When a Public or Private Sewer is not available for use.

Revised National Plumbmg Code of the Philippines No subdivision. General Regulations Burred ends of all pipes and tubings shall be reamed to the full bore of the pipe or tubing and all chips left inside the pipe or tubing shall be removed. Approved stainless steel bands with neoprene gaskets for jointing of hub less cast iron soil pipes are acceptable for use. No waste connection shall be made to a closet bend or stub of a water closet or similar fixtures.

All valves. Where one building stand" in the rear of another building on an interior lot. The enlargement of a mm closet bend or stub to mm diameter shall not be considered as an obstruction. Except as hereinafter provided in Sections Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines No structural member shall be seriously weakened or impaired by cutting. Void between pipes and sleeves through concrete floors in the ground shall be appropriately sealed with bitumen.

All pipes passing through or under cinders or other corrosive materials shaH be protected from external corrosion by encasing same with polyethylene sheath or in other approved manner. All pipings passing under or through walls shall be protected from breakage with embedded metal pipe sleeves.

All pipes in connection with the plumbing system shall be installed so that the piping or connections will not be exposed to undue strains or stresses. No building or part thercot: General Regulations Section Approved provisions shall be made for expansions of hot water pipings.

Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines 1

All openings into a Sanitary drainage and vent system. Existing building sewer and building drain may be used in connection with a new building or new plumbing and drainage works only when they are found on examination and tested to conform in all respects to the requirements governing new work. Where joints occur. I 3 Copper Tubing. S meters length. Supps shall be adequate to maintain alignment and to prevent sagging and shall be placed within 0. Hubless or compression gasket joints must be supported at least at every other joint except that when the developed length between supports exceeds 1.

Pipe surfaces subject to undue corrosion. Tunnels shall have a clear height of 0. IPS except as provided in other Sections of this Code. I Materials. Where there is suffici ent depth. When pi pe is driven. Suspended lines shall be suitably braced to prevent l.. Mechanical devices or equipment such as bulldozer.. The filling shall be properly compacted Suitable precautions shall be taken to ensure permanent stability for pipes la. Adequate precaution shall be taken to ensure proper compactness of backfill around pipes without damage to such pipe Trenches shall be back-filled in thin layers of0.

All excavations shaH he completely back-tilled as soon as possible after inspection. All sheet metal plumbing fixtures shall be adequately designed. Restaurant kitchen and other special-use sinks may be made of approved-type bonderized and galvanized sheet steel of not less than Gauge No.

Except as permitted elsewhere in this Code. All porcelain enamel swfaces on plumbi. The overflow pipe from a fixture shall be connected to the house or inlet side of the fixture trap. Water Closet or Urinal flush tanks shall discharge into the bowls or wares served by them. Jerway area. Connections - Fixtures having concealed slip joint connections shall be provided with an access panel or utility at least 0. Continuous wa.

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Each such tailpiece, continuoos waste or waste and overflow shall not be less than 38 mm O. No dishwasher drain shall be connected to a sink tailpiece, continuous waste or trap on the discharge side of a food waste disposal unit.

Any water closet, which might pennit siphonage of the contents of the bowl back into the water tank, shall be prohibited as well as trough urinals. Drinking fount ains shall not he installed inside public toilet rooms. Fixed wooden, concrete, cement, or tile washtrays or sinks for domestic use shall not be installed in any building designed for human habitation. No sheet metal lined wooden bathtubs shall be installed or reconnected. No dry or chemical closet toilet shall be installed in a.

Apprcved - specialties requiring water supply and waste discharge c01mections shalt be submitted for approval of the Administrative Authority. Where practical, all pipes from fixtures shaH be run parallel and dose to the nearest wall or building line. Joints - where a fixture comes in contact with the wall or floor, the joint between the fixture and wall or floor shall be made watertight. Wall-Hung Fixtures - wall-hung fixtures shall be rigidly supported by metal supporting members or chairs so that no bending or pullout strain is transmitted to the wall.

Approved non-corrosive screws or bolts sha! Setting - fixtures shaH be set level and in proper alignment with reference to adjacent walls. No water closet or bidet shall be!

Supply Fittings - the supply lines or fittings for every plumbin3 fixture shall b.

Automatic Flushing. Tanks- tanks flushing more than one urinal shall be automatic in operation and of sufficient capacity to provide the necessary volume of water to flush and properly cleanse all urinals simultaneously. Automatically controlled flushometer valves maybe substituted for automatic flush tanks. Floor drains, flocr receptors and shower drains shall be of an approved type, the body provided with integraUyhcast water-stop outside flange around the body at mid dtpth and with an inside caulk outlet to provide a watertight joint in the floor.

Shower receptors are plumbing fixtures and shall conform to the gener. No shower receptors shall be installed unless it conforms to acceptable standards as required by Chapter 14 of this Code or until a specification or a prototype or both of such receptor is first submitted to the Administrative Authority for approval. Each shower receptor shall be an approved type and be constructed to have a finished dam, curb or threshold which is at least Thresholds shaH be of sufficient width to accommodate a minimum nun wide door.

Special shower compartments for wheelchair use may eliminate the curb or threshold. The required slope and depth shall bt maintained from the door entry to the drain opening. The minimum distance between the door or entry to the drain opening shalt be 1.

The minimum area and dimensions shall be maintained from a point above the shower drain outlet to a height of l. When the construction of on-site built-up shower receptors is permitted by the Administrative Authority, one of the following means shaH be employed: Shower receptors built directly on the ground: Shower receptors built directly on the ground shall be watertight and shall be constnacted from approved-type dense, non-absorbent and non-conosive materials. Each receptor shall be adequately reinforced, provided with an approved flanged floor drain designed to make a watertight joint in the floor, and shall have smooth, impetvious and durable.

Plumbing Notes 1

When shower receptors are built above ground the sub-floor and rough side of walls to a height of no less than 76 mm above the top of the finished dam or threshold shall be first lined with sheet lead or copper or with other durable and watertight materials. All lining materials shall be pitched at a slope of2 percent or 20 mrnlm to weep holes in the subdrain of a smooth and solidly formed sub-base.

All lining materials shall extend upward on the rough jambs of the shower opening to a point no less than 76 mrn above the top of the finished dam or threshold and shall extend outward over the top of the rough threshold and be turned over and fastened on the outside face of both the rough threshold and the jambs.

No metallic shower sub-pans or linings may be built-up on the jobsite of not less than three 3 layers of standard grade 6. The bottom layer shall be fitted to the formed sub-base and each succeeding layer thoroughly hot mopped to that below. AH comers shall be carefully fitted, strengthened and wnt,.! All shower-lining materials conform to approved standards acceptable to the Administrative Auth01ity.

Drains in gutters shall be spaced not more than 4. Each such sub-drain sb. The sub-drain shall have weep holes into the waste line. Thickness of copper pans or liners shall be at ieast Gauge No. An approved type sutrdrain shall be installed with every shower sub-pan or lining. Joints in copper pans or liners shall be soldered or brazed.

Gutters in public or gang shower rooms shall have rounded comers for easy cleaning and shaH be sloped not less than two 2 percent toward the drains. Multiple or gang showers may be controlled by a master thermostatic mixing valve in lieu of individually controlJed pressure balance or thermostatic mixing valves.

Plumbing Fixtures Section Male 1: Ioyecuse Male Female14 1: Jool5 ibpital for. Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippir. I Male I per exercise room l: Jdditionnl I SO males I pc: Plumbing Fi. T use All schools w. Jioyee use Male I: S Up to Tj I contamination with poisonous.. In upplying thi.: As rt. Kitchen sinks.. Jhlc t! For example. Surrow1ding matei iBis.. Drinking Jount. The mmh Laundry truys.

Adult Male I pto: I Fl1Il8. Wllere there is exposure to skin contamination v. Upicd llnor in schools. I additional fountain fCir each one hundred ru1d fifi I SO persons then: Slop sinks. A rcst.! Advance Notice. Covering or Use. The Pennittee shall be assessed an appropriate fee appearance.

After the plumbing fixtures have been set and their traps filled with water. If the system is tested in sections.. Pa or sufficient to balance a column of mercury mm in height. If applied to t! The Administrative Authority requires the opening or removal of any plug or clean-out. The water shaH be kept in the pi! The system shall be tight at all joints. The pressure shall be held without introduction of additional air for a period of at least fifteen l S minutes.

In testing successive sections at least the upper 3 meters height of the preceding section previously tested shall be tested again so that no joint or pipe in the building except the uppermost 3 meter of the system shall have been submitted to a test of not less than 3 meters head of water. Test for Shower Receptors.

In order to continuously upgrade the technical expertise of Master Plumbers and

Inspection and Test Defective Systems. A Building Sewers shall be tested by plugging the end of the building sewer at its points of connection with the public sewer or private sewage disposal system and completely filling the building sewer with water from the lowest to the highest point thereof. The water used for test shall be obtained from a potable source of supply. Water Piping -upon completion of a section or of the entire hot and cold water supply systems. The test plug shall be so placed that both upper and under sides of the sub-pan shall be subj ected to the test at the point where it is clamped to the drain.

In buildings or premises condemned by the proper Administrative Authority because of an unsanitary condition of the plumbing system or part thereof. The building sewer shall be watertight at all points.

Stction No plumbing fixture. No person shaH make a connection or allow one to exist between pipes or conduits carrying domestic water supplied by any public or private water service system and any pipe..

The person or persons having control of such devices or assemblies shaH maintain all devices or assemblies installed in a potable water supply system for protection against backflow in good working condition. No device or assembl y shall be removed from use or relocated. The Administrative Authority or other dcpa11ment having jurisdiction may inspe-Ct such devices or assemblies and.

Such equipment or mechanism may be permitted only when equipped with an approved backflow prevention device assembly. Devices or assemblies shall be tested for conformity with recognized standards or other standards acceptable to the Administ rative Authority. Approval of Devices or Assemblies. Health Department. Devices or assemblies shall be tested for conformity with recognized standards or other standards acceptable to the Administrative Authority.

The effective opening sha. In such cases. Hcquire May need platforrnlladcle.. Upright position. May j 6 Rpill-l 'roof Pres:. Water Supply a: Refer to general and specific requirements for installation. Horizontal unless otht-r. Back tlow prevention for hot water over Access and clearance shall be provided for the required testing. Where potable water is discharged to the drainage system.

Access and clearance shall require minimum of mm space between the lowest porlion of the assembly and the grade. Revised Nat1onal Plumbing Code of the Philippines Installations elevated more than 1. Direct connections between potable water pipings and sewer-connected wastes shall not exist under any condition with or without backflow protection. The premises owner or responsible person shall have the backOow prevention assembly tested by a certified backflow assembly tester at the time of installation.

The sections in contact with potable water shall be of material and weights suitable for potable water as set forth in this Chapter. The vacuum breaker shall be installed at the discharge side of the flushometer valve with the critical level at least mm or the distance according to its listing above the overflow rim of a water closet howl or the highest patt of a urinal.

Swimming Pools and other receptors when protected by a listed atmospheric vacuum breaker shall have sucb atmospheric vacuum breaker installed in the discharge side of the last valve with the critical level of not less than mrn or in accordance with its listing above the flood level rim of such equipment.

Heat Exchangers. Lawn Sprinkling Systems shall be equipped with li sted atmospheric vacuum breakers installed on the discharge side of each of the last shutoff valve. Where atmospheric vacuum breakers cannot be installed hecaust of piping elevation of valves.

Water supply inlets not protected by atmospheric vacuun breakers shall be protected by approved airgap. Inlets to Tanks. Water closets having the flush valve seat less than 25 mm above the flood level rim of the closet bowl shall have the ballcock installed in a separate and isolated compartment of the tank.

Water Closet Flushometer Tanks shall be protected against backflow by an approved backtlow prevention assembly. Water Closet and Urinal Tanks shall be equipped with a listed ballcock The ballcock shall be installed with the critical level at least 25 mm above the full opening of the overtlow pipe. In cases where the ballcock has no hush tube. Some water-cooled equipment may produce back p ressure and shall he eqwjJ ped with the appro'l-'ed protection.

Oegreascrs or any other water-cooled equipment. Whenever possible. Non-potable Water Piping. The discharge shaH drain through an airgap. Potable Water Supply to C'arbonators shall be protected by backflow protections device as approved by the Administrative Authority and installed per the requirements of this Chapter.

Icd Compressors. A fullway gate valve controlling all outlets shall be installed on the discharge side of each water meter and on each unmetered water supply Water supply piping supplying more than one building in any premise shall be equipped with a separate tl!

Approved plastic materials may be used in water service piping. Pipings and tubings. Cast iron fittings up to and including S1 mm in size. Where a grounding.

VAL VF: S Authority i. All materials used in the water supply system. Water Supply and Distribution Section Each gate valve shall be a fullway type with working parts of non-corrosive materials.

Sizes over 51 mm may have cast iron or brass bodies. Revised Nat: A fhllway gate valve shall be installed on the cold water supply pi! A fullway gate valve shall be installed for each apartment or dwelling occupied by more than o ne family.

In addition to the main supply shutoff valve for cac. The l'. Potable water inlets to gravity tanks shall be controlled by a float valve. Such drains may terminate at. The tank or device shall be sized in accordance with the manufacturer's rccontmt. Approved regulators with integral bypasses are acceptable. Each such regulator and strainer shall be accessibly located and have the strainer readi ly accessible for cleaning without removing the regulator or strainer hody or disconnecting the supply piping.

Whenever the water pressure in the main or other source of supply wiII not provide a water pressure of at least l 03 kPa. In addition tL the required pressure relief valve. Where the local water pressure is in excess of kPa. AND Water pipes shall not be mn or laid in the same trench as building sewer or storm drainage pipings constructed of clay or materials not approved for use within the building unless both of the following conditions are met: The bottom of the wa.

No pa1t of such drainpipe shall be trapped and the tenninal end of the drainpipe shall not be threaded nor capped.


Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines other approved locations. Changes in direction shall be made hy the appropriate use of fittings. All pipings. All water service yard piping shall be at least 0. The water pipe shall be placed on a solid shelf excavated at one side of the common trench with a minimum clear horizontal distance between the sides of at least 0. Provisions shall be made for expansion in hot water pipings. Burred ends shall be reamed to the full bore of the pipe or tube.

Copper tubing shall be installed without joints where possible. Plastic pipings shall be installed in accordance with applicable sections found elsewhere in this Code. Zinc coating galvanized shall not be deemed adequate outside protection for ferrous piping or fittings. Field bitumastic coating and wrapping shall provide equivalent protection and application is restricted to those short pipe lengths at points of connection with fittings necessarily stripped for threading and jointing.

Water Supply and Distribution Ferrous piping shall have an outside protective coating of an approved materials. For the purpose of this section. Where joints are permitted. Approved non-ferrous pipings such as plastic tubes and pipes need not be wrapped for rustproofing.

Where the maximum length of supply piping is 6 1 meters or less. The 1naximu m rated fl ow and the pressure loss shall be stamped leg ibly on the device or on a metal label. Liters per second 0. TABLE ! Revised National Plumbing Code ell the Phltlppines Other systems of more than SO tixture units and w ithin range of Tabi e may be sized from that tuble or by method set forth in Appendix A Recommended rules for sizing th: All such devices s hall be of types approved by the Administrative Authority and tested for flow ratings and pressure losses by an approved laboratory or recognized testing agency ag ainst standards consistent with this Chapter.

The final figure in the pressure drop column shall be based en tk minimum ratedflow or capacity ofthe device. No water filter. Back flow prevention devices. Select the "Length" column which is equal to or longer than the required length.

Pressure loses through water treating equ. Knowing the available pressure at the water meter or other source of supply. Friction or pressure losses in water meter. Developed length of supply pipe from water meter to the most remote outlet.

Follow down the column to a fixture unit value equal to or greater than the total number of f1xture units required by the installation.. Rough'' charts in Appendix A of this Code. For proposed water piping installation sized using Table the following conditions shall be determined: Total number of fixture units F.

Having located the proper fixture unit value for the required length. K-ater inlet.The sizing data for vertical conductors. Slop sinks. The threads of drainage fittings shall be tapped to allow two 2 percent or 21 m.

In addition to the main supply shutoff valve for cac. The Administrative Authority requires the opening or removal of any plug or clean-out. No dry or chemical closet toilet shall be installed in a. The number of fixture units handled by a branch shal ldetem1ine the size of tbat branch, fol lowing the methods outlined insubs See Section of this Code The water pipe shall be placed on a solid shelf excavated at one side of the common trench with a minimum clear ho rizontal distance of at least 0.