Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley Publishing logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man logo, A Reference for the. Rest of Us!, The Dummies SAP GRC For Dummies. Governance, risk, and compliance—these three big letters can add up to one giant headache. But GRC doesn't have to be a boil on your corporate behind. SAP. But GRC doesn t have to be a boil on your corporate behind. SAP GRC For 4NVJJKM4VG «SAP GRC For Dummies (Paperback) ^ PDF. Related PDFs.

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SAP GRC For Dummies. PDF. Free Books Download PDF / Free Books Online / Free eBook Download PDF / Free eBook Download PDF. Free download SAP GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) PDF Books and training material, online training materials, complete beginners guide, ebooks, study. SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution enables organizations The course is designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of SAP GRC.

But GRC doesn't have to be a boil on your corporate behind. SAP GRC For Dummies untangles the web of regulations that confronts your company and introduces you to software solutions the not only keep you in compliance, but also make your whole enterprise stronger.

This all-business handbook will help you: Understand the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Control access effectively Color your company a greener shade of green Source or sell goods internationally Keep your employees safe and healthy Ensure that data is kept secret and private Manage information flow in all directions Enhance your public image through sustainability reporting Use GRC as the basis for a powerful new corporate strategy Complete with enlightening lists of best practices for successful GRC implementation and conducting global trade, this book also puts you in touch with thought leadership Web sights where you can deepen your understanding of GRC-based business strategies.

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About the Author Denise Vu Broady: Denise has over 11 years of SAP-related experience. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

Table of contents Introduction.

Part I: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Demystified. Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Risky Business: Turning Risks into Opportunities.

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Chapter 3: GRC in Action. Part II: Diving into GRC. Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Fraud, Negligence, and Entropy: Chapter 6: Access Control and the Role of Roles.

Chapter 7: Taking Steps toward Better Internal Controls. Chapter 8: Effectively Managing Global Trade. Part III: Going Green.

Chapter 9: Each of these three disciplines creates information of value to the other two, and all three impact the same technologies, people, processes and information. Substantial duplication of tasks evolves when governance, risk management and compliance are managed independently. For example, each internal service might be audited and assessed by multiple groups on an annual basis, creating enormous cost and disconnected results.


GRC supposes that this approach, like a badly planned transport system, every individual route will operate, but the network will lack the qualities that allow them to work together effectively. Basic concepts[ edit ] Governance describes the overall management approach through which senior executives direct and control the entire organization, using a combination of management information and hierarchical management control structures.

Governance activities ensure that critical management information reaching the executive team is sufficiently complete, accurate and timely to enable appropriate management decision making, and provide the control mechanisms to ensure that strategies, directions and instructions from management are carried out systematically and effectively.

The response to risks typically depends on their perceived gravity, and involves controlling, avoiding, accepting or transferring them to a third party. Whereas organizations routinely manage a wide range of risks e.

Compliance means conforming with stated requirements. At an organizational level, it is achieved through management processes which identify the applicable requirements defined for example in laws, regulations, contracts, strategies and policies , assess the state of compliance, assess the risks and potential costs of non-compliance against the projected expenses to achieve compliance, and hence prioritize, fund and initiate any corrective actions deemed necessary.

GRC market segmentation[ edit ] A GRC program can be instituted to focus on any individual area within the enterprise, or a fully integrated GRC is able to work across all areas of the enterprise, using a single framework.

A fully integrated GRC uses a single core set of control material, mapped to all of the primary governance factors being monitored. The use of a single framework also has the benefit of reducing the possibility of duplicated remedial actions.

Financial GRC relates to the activities that are intended to ensure the correct operation of all financial processes, as well as compliance with any finance-related mandates.

IT GRC relates to the activities intended to ensure that the IT Information Technology organization supports the current and future needs of the business, and complies with all IT-related mandates.

Legal GRC focuses on tying together all three components via an organization's legal department and chief compliance officer. Analysts disagree on how these aspects of GRC are defined as market categories.

With a large number of vendors entering this market recently, determining the best product for a given business problem can be challenging.

Due to the dynamic nature of this market, any vendor analysis is often out of date relatively soon after its publication. Broadly, the vendor market can be considered to exist in 3 segments: Integrated GRC solutions multi-governance interest, enterprise wide Domain specific GRC solutions single governance interest, enterprise wide Point solutions to GRC relate to enterprise wide governance or enterprise wide risk or enterprise wide compliance but not in combination.

Integrated GRC solutions attempt to unify the management of these areas, rather than treat them as separate entities. An integrated solution is able to administer one central library of compliance controls, but manage, monitor and present them against every governance factor.

For example, in a domain specific approach, three or more findings could be generated against a single broken activity.Part II: However to this day the concept behind the acronym has neither been adequately researched, nor is there a common understanding among professionals.

SAP GRC For Dummies

New to Wisdomjobs? This all-business handbook will help you:. Leibs, S. Vemuri, A.

This approach provides a more 'open book' approach into the process. Managing the Flow of Information.