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Big Mama – Love is Blowing Lyric [OST Gu Family Book]. Posted in OST Gu Family Book by frezzyre · px-Gu_Family_Book_OST_Part_3. Posts about OST Gu Family Book written by frezzyre. Read My Love is Hurt - OST Gu Family Book from the story " Lirik Lagu " by luhdeintan with 39 reads. soundtrack, lirik, kpop. sarangi apeuda.

Eventually, as she sought to find answers, more and more questions arose, and she began to question some of the very foundations of her faith.

They chose to love me while I was trying to figure it out for myself. Ward members also did not hesitate to give love, and she felt included. Her ward was not a place to put on a perfect face; it was a place of nurture.

They were pulling for me and urging me to keep trying. The path to be followed may not always be clear at once. Pray for light; do not decide too quickly, listen to what others have to say, consider their reasons.

You will always find something to help you. She could focus on the truths she did believe and let those truths fill her mind and heart.

It had all burned down. All that remained was Jesus Christ. When anyone tries to keep the commandments, the door is wide open. Prayer and scripture study became incredibly important. She bought a Primary songbook and began reading the words of the songs. They were treasures to her. She prayed for faith to lift the heaviness she felt. She had focused on studying the New Testament to better understand the Savior.

Give us whatever you have to offer. I can still bear testimony. I will just say those things that I know and trust. But when he whirls around, he stops cold. Is she a cop?

Seems fitting. She looks back at him quizzically: He finishes in voiceover: Is this writer on crack? Really really, promise promise. You know, I actually watched this series much like Jeon Woo-chi —with low expectations for a cute, fun hero story, delivered with cheeky laughs. But this—trying to turn Kang-chi into one of those iconic in-every-generation heroes in the eleventh hour—was done so poorly.

Who knows? There are rules. What you sacrifice for that fancy surprise twist ending is that you went there on your own and left us all behind. And I know because I was there for all of it. We started in a good place, with an epic backstory and a great beginning for a hero. We set up a fantastic character who stood up for the weak and used his strength for the greater good. But then we let that sit there for the love story to take center stage.

Living, loving, and dying was what he desperately wanted, and he fought for his human side to win out. So we wanted that for him. Because he told us so. We spent the rest of the episodes wondering if Kang-chi would ever get to the goddamn book and become human, and then gave up hope that this show would complete anything other than the romance.

And it was sweet, and cute, and all it needed was a pretty pink bow happy ending to satisfy us. Instead we got a death to wring tears out of us, and then a left-turn fast-forward so sharp that my whiplash is having whiplash babies. And the crux of it, really, is that it gained nothing in doing so. All we did was come back around to the romance.

A champion. Someone who, I dunno, sacrifices becoming human to save the world? For instance? And this is all before even getting to the fact that they pulled the reincarnated soulmance ending, which drives me crazy. The straight version: The fanwank version: Yeo-wool is also still Yeo-wool, because she still has the same name while no one else does, and her purple flower power gives her the right to do this.

And they did everything right every step of the way, only to get rewarded with a year engagement. I was all ready to put this show to bed with satisfactory B-marks, because it was fun and chipper, and a cool twist on gumiho lore.

But so much of the emotional payoff I wanted was never delivered. I had fun with this show, even if it was never on a deep emotional level, but these last two episodes really took the wind out of my sails. It was such an interesting universe, rich with potential. To sacrifice closure in that world, for this… what a damn shame.

Your email address will not be published. I had mixed feelings about the ending. This ep. I did not see that coming.

Also, for some reason, I was more moved by KC saying goodbye to everyone than by YW dying, though I thought it was well acted and well filmed I thought Suzy did really in this ep. I was watching all of that more from a curious standpoint, whereas KC saying goodbye and everyone or almost everyone being there, in the front yard sucked me in that scene. That made me feel the same way I felt during Lord Park's funeral very moved. Maybe I wasn't as moved by YW's dying because she had been used as a plot device so many times, with her life being in danger.

The impact this time was not as strong for me, though I kept hoping that she would be revived somehow or show up again. I just didn't realize or better yet thought it would be in Like I said, I had mixed feelings about this ep.

This show. The story was set up so nicely with awesome back story and an epic opening for the hero's journey. After the setup of episode 1 and 2, I thought this show would be full of adventures with some touches of romance. BUT NO. In the end, I got cheated with this Reincarnated ending. Too tell you the truth, I didn't think it was that bad.

Yes, there was so much potential - and they dragged the boring plot lines like there was no tomarrow! There was so much scenes they could have removed or shortened so that Kang chi could go find the Gu family book BUT I have seen worse dramas. And this drama gave us a wild ride- so salute to that.

I think the worst the writer did for this drama seems to be that they out in hard work for that in the beginning that was interesting and kept us on the edge of our seat, so the combination of having such high expectations and the writers carelessness at the end killed it for us.

It is bad but really not That bad. There is much wasted potential, but it was entertaining for the most part. The last 2 eps are horrid, which amplifies the out of place quality of the ending. So it leaves more of a bad taste in the mouth than it would have otherwise. Story-wise, I do feel cheated. I love LSG and don't mind Suzy.

That helps it go down easy. Overall, it is unsatisfying, but as she said, I've certainly seen worse dramas. I thought it was a pretty good ending, though I definitely could have gone without ALL the characters being reincarnated. Here's my take on the ending: Thus, the Gu Family Book might not actually exist, and there might not be a way to turn into a human.

But if you fall in love with a human who loves you back, you can maintain human form, and you will age along with the person you love I don't believe any of the people who watched this drama liked the ending, actually, I believe that all of them hated it.

You can't have a heart and like it. With great acting you capture us, make us participate in the story, sympathize with the wronged; cry when they suffer, smile with them when they are happy.

In a plot where anything is possible, what would have been wrong in letting the first generation's tragedy be compensated for with a happy ending for the second. If there is ever a sequel to this drama, and the its ending in our century is a possible hint for that, I will not watch it until all the episodes are out and I can read the comments on the last one; meeting again under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree our century is warning about more tragedy, more suffering, and no redemption.

Wholly unsatisfying. I actually feel bad for the actors who were given such a sloppy story to portray. Beginning, Middle, End.

The beginning was a tragic love story of 2 lovers that started and resolved beautifully. The middle was a cute rom com between the children. The end was one big WTFkery. I was expecting they would at least do something to relate about the book, but they just make him live forever and meet everyone in the future? I cant make any sense of this. I think gu family book was suzy Lee Soon Shin said,,If want to libe you will find it''.

That's my opinion! I believe I mentioned somewhere in my previous comment that I didn't think the writers would, well, write off Yeo-wool's existence so simply. That isn't to say it was unexpected, though, and that's the very reason why this finale was a major letdown.

It's that the producers and writers involved in this drama let it run a very predictable, cliched course which is what's supremely disappointing. Truth be told, I wished for an ending that would prove the monk wrong - that is, to have Kang-chi and Yeo-wool's strong feelings for each other to conquer that damned fate.

That irks me. I was nearly about to blow a gasket when it got the scene with Kang-chi preparing to leave the academy, because the only thing I could think of was, "Please don't tell me Kang-chi's actually leaving to find the Gu Family Book and have his amazing journey happen offscreen. I was glad to let out a grand sigh of relief when it turned out he had just decided to leave to live as a real gumiho for a very long time.

Overall, I won't say that the drama was a complete waste of time, as I feel it wasn't. Sure, it wasn't too satisfying. But at the end of the day, what matters to me was that I was still able to have important values reinforced to me, relate to many of the character's and sympathize their situations, and have some laughs. Everyone except for Chung-jo -- who got the cold present-return brush off. Also -- the only one who didn't get reincarnatedl.

Hi Betsy Hp, good to hear from you: I added the "bitter" to my comment to kind of signal that I was looking at that scene from a bitter point of view with a very narrow focus. A very obscure signal, I realize -- sorry about that. I've been bitter over Chung-jo's story and its resolution.

Which really was a lack of one, that led to unfortunate implications -- that she remained a gisaeng, that she became so unimportant to Kang-chi that he didn't say goodbye to her and she didn't get to be reincarnated with the rest of the gang. It leaves the impression that because she was raped she became worthless. In other words, it's better to die than to be raped -- which is really ugly idea that gets more play than it should. I knew it! Well I am glad you are happy! Good for you!!!!

Also, based on what you said about the manhwa , this drama does not sound as original to me anymore as it did at first: I'm not disagreeing. I actually loved it that it was similar how yewool was the kagome to kangchi's inuyasha. I guess most people just didn't expect this outcome and getting angry because of it. I don't see why the ending would be so upsetting. Actually, the whole problem was because of an ancient, tragic misprint; a drunken monk accidentally wrote "Gu Familly Book" when it was supposed to be "Gu Family Boot.

Damn you, skelly, my screen is decorated with equal parts spit and coffee thanks to what you just wrote not to mention the actual choking hazard known as dying of lols. An endless, hopeless loop. They are caught in it and have to tread like hamsters. That's a cruel and sad fate. Who were you referring to when you said this, "An endless, hopeless loop. Also, would that manwha be by any chance InuYasha? I keep seeing that name being referred to, in the comments' section. First off, the manhwa.

But it also looks like KC and YW are caught in this kind of endless, hopeless loop too. Look at that new moon over the cherry tree.

Monk said last time that a love that started under that scene was detrimental to YW--it was her fate to die bcos of that love. So here we are again yrs later. The implication is that she'll die again this time cos of KC. He'll wait for her next reincarnation. And the whole thing will be repeated ad infinitum.

That's not a cruel and sad fate? I actually feel weird how it came out almost exactly as I hoped for. I still can't get over how the ending is so similar to how I imagined.

I must use this power responsibly! It's nice to see that there is someone who stay positive like yours. Honestly, I laugh very hard knowing it's ending like that. How could it be? The writter must have a great joke!.

How to Be Alive–My New Book!!!

But it was too bad for the actors to play a role with the script out of the idea OOI like that. In the mid of drama, I knew it has OOI but I still get it, but the last 2 episodes I knew something wrong will be happened, it's really loose idea at all.

But big thankss to the cast for still act well till the end. Hi Biae, I think it is this, https: Hi Biae, I responded to your question, and my comment is awaiting moderation. I think the manhwa is InuYasha. You can google it to find out more info. I don't quite remember how inuyasha ended.

I'll look up the name. Am I the one who gets happy with the end? So, I'm super relieved by the.. It feels like the years-later part wipes my tears and informs me that they're not done yet. And I actually don't mind with almost all cast being reincarnated in the same lifetime. For me, it means a new light and hope for fixing their flaw at the old lifetime. So, basically, I think the ending is really okay as a hint for the sequel. Oh crap. I'm craving for the better sequel. I went into it being very curious about a lot of things.

I don't regret watching this drama, and being engrossed in it. I learned a lot in the process and though I didn't love every ep.

I also love the OST, a lot. Why wouldn't he bring that up? Were the two mutually exclusive? Would the monk still be there in with some clauses to their getting together? Could YW die again, a la InuYasha? Back to my thoughts. I guess I was right about asking my question about Kageshima yesterday. LSS had a pointed glance with him in this ep. I guess they were just acknowledging each other.

And this might be just me, however, when KC asked YW to go home, I wish that for once, she had actually listened to him, his reason was valid, imho. I too, wanted to see the violence, preferably Gaksital style. JGW should have been put in the box of nails, and left there to die, slowly: It was so weird to have KC for the last almost 22 ep.

That felt a little jarring to me. I liked the 1st ending, it had finality. The 2nd one, I was not sure what to make of it, especially with many of the old characters being reincarnated and not sure of what they all were, really in I was also surprised at how melodramatic the drama went, and at how long it stayed there till the end. I am with GF on her analysis, and I thought she touched on all the points where this drama went wrong, and the potentially interesting plots that could have been explored.

I too, wanted adventure and hijinks for KC to go through, making this drama more fun and comedic and well Hello Ivoire! I'm super late I guess.. But myself want to believe that Kangchi's saying means, he doesn't want to be embraced by past memory. Because the current Kangchi has already fell for Yeo-wool, there's no need to remember the past.. Kangchi was something like.. I don't really know again well XD. I guess based on the ratings and how many CFs offers LSG and Suzy are getting currently, doing this project worked for them.

And that might be only the beginning. CJH got some recognition as well, which is good. I guess all was not bad. I don't know if anyone will see these questions of mine, however, I had these questions about some of the episodes I happen to rewatch this past weekend. My thanks to anyone who reads this and manages to answer. What is the difference between those two words? I was wondering, is it a variation on the term "daejang [sp]?

What does it mean? In ep. I guess they used some other words, more reflective of what would have been said back then. I did some translates thingy, you know, trying to write yunjong, yunjeong, yonjong, yeonjeong, yeonjong, yonjeong, and only 2 of them have meaning. I don't even understand that, yet informing you this. I found this funny X'D. I've heard it for several times. I think Well because I failed reload the drama: I don't know XD.

Has anybody noticed how they met again under a cherry-blossom with a crescent moon? Because of the same damn reason? Gosh , if there's a 2nd season , she better not die again or else I'm gonna Dam Yeo-Wool was the one who got the forecast from the fortune-teller. The fortune-teller said that she better not stay with the person she meets under cherryblossom and crescent moon if she wants to stay alive, thus, after seeing kangchi at the exact condition, she died.

Moreover, this time Kang-chi was the one who saw yeo-wool under that condition so, I think this time, Kang-chi will be the one who is in danger. That's why I don't feel that bad for the ending because there might be a better sequel. There might be a twist for the forecast right? Oh come on.. I think the series are very good in the flow. Is it really 24 is the last episode? If so,at the ending, i didn't feel perfect. You know.

The eff. Like, seriously, what the eff. I don't know but if she got shot in the shoulder, it shouldn't have been too bad?

Unless it was closer to the heart than the shoulder. But most random ending ever Because of that ending. Head gisaeng to Park Chung Jo - "I haven't seen one a gun but they say it uses poison and shoots it into the person's body and makes the body and bones rot.

Anyone who gets shot with that bullet eventually faces death". Yes, the product placement was ridiculous! I never knew a "historical" drama could have so many! It's like they have been saving up all their sponsorship cookies so they could cram as many as they could into 10 minutes. The white Ferrari was product placement.

The phone obviously. There is always a phone PPL. What else? So many ppl complained abt the PPLs that i went back and watched the last 12 mins just to look for them. There is his white Lamborghini.

Download Lagu Mp3 Terbaru 2018

The phone was shown, but I didn't even see its brand name. His tonic? Isn't that Teacher Gong's invention which his company is supposed to be producing? Brand not shown either. His clothes? Gon's clothes? Gon and LSS's sun glasseses? No brand name was shown on any of them. It wouldn't be v effective PPL if viewers don't even see the brand, right? Pls enlighten.

Honestly, the majority of PPL in kdramas have the brand name blocked out. Just because it's blocked out doesn't mean that ppl can't find ou t what it is.

The phone was a Galaxy S4, yet the name wasn't shown. I see what you all mean now. Clothes, bags and other accessories, and their knock-offs do sell out after the broadcast. Technically, those are sponsorships rather than than PPLs. The only saving grace of those 12 mins. Same here! I never paid attention to the presence of brand name products on dramas and even drama ratings until I watched KoD and met one of Kdramas most interesting characters, Ansony.

These sets of comments are funny. I am new to Kdramas but was Anthony the guy in king of dramas? Oh man, I really feel for you guys. A close shave for me - I very nearly watched it as it aired, but life conspired to make me have no time. Oh damn, I hope you didn't spoil it for yourself! S4 had one of my series-favourite moments, and Colin Morgan is brilliant as always. S5 is basically a season of filler crap and then a wtf ending. Also some of the most poignant, lovely moments of all, as well as funny ones My heart still hurts.

TYVM for the recap. Off to read it. Overall I think it was an alright drama. I don't think it's terrible but the writer really could've touched more upon other aspects of the story or went deeper with certain themes. I don't mind cute but sometimes I did feel that there was a bit too much cute that takes away from the realism of the romantic aspect of the story. But since I felt the Suzy and Seung gi did the cute well, I wasn't as annoyed.

In fact, I quite liked their chemistry together. Many times I did wish the writer could have managed her time a lot more efficiently to explore other characters and possibly apply some logic on some parts but I forgave her. Aish, the side characters other than GW were soo underused. Poor Sung joon. What I couldn't forgive the writer for was the ending. Ok, I got over the YW dying, wasn't necessary and stupid but I got over it.. This is probably one of the worst endings in Kdramas I've ever seen.

And what made it even worse was that this wasn't even a crappy drama. Had it been a completely shitty drama with this shitty ending I wouldn't have mind, but it's not. I was invested thoroughly, even more so than some qualitively better dramas that are currently airing so this ending left me with an extremely bitter aftertaste and I felt like I was slapped in the face by the writer.

The ending left me with more questions than I had prior to this episode.

(Gu Family Book OST) The One – 잘 있나요 (Best Wishes To You)

I don't download the reincarnation stuff because in the end, YW then and YW now, are still different people. And according to the monk, since they met under the peach blossom tree during the crescent moon once again, she's doomed to die..

It made the majority of the episodes in this drama absolutely pointless. And KC and YW had trusted and accepted each other, only to end up with a worse fate than their parents. This also makes me feel that the writer was an anti of the children because she ended the parent's story quite satisfyingly.

What exactly is the lesson the writer is trying to tell us? That fate is set in stone and no matter what you do you can't change it? The only possible explanations I could come up with regarding the ending is that it's all a product placement ploy, because boy is it hard to insert cell phones, clothes, orange juices, and etc into sageuks or that the writer was simply drunk or on drugs.

She might as well insert flying ponies and rainbows while she's at it, but that might cost a bit of CG which this drama lacks. What was the point of LSS and Gon at the end? And was Lord Park's name ever cleared? Did the siblings get the inn back? And um A sequel is practically impossible with this cast, though a special, even a ten minute one, to calm down frustrated viewers like me would be kindly appreciated. What the HELL?!!!

What kind of ending was that?! That was the crappiest ending I have seen, possibly ever. I am hard pressed right now to remember a more terrible ending. You killed off Yeo-wool, the female lead?

What happened? Did the writer run out of ideas and so just randomly pick pieces of other dramas out of a hat? They should have focused more on his journey to find the book. And then they once again meet with the moon hovering over a tree just like they did originally. So is she going to die again in this timeline?

His parents had such a moving end to their story and this is the ending the leads get? Are gumihos and half-gumihos not allowed to find happiness if they fall in love with a human? And are humans destined to die if they fall in love with a gumiho? I have a rule: Whenever I break that rule, I always regret it. This time is no different. I am going to pretend these last two episodes never existed. That is probably the only way I will be able to move past such a horrid ending and remember the good that the show had to offer.

I have the same rule too! And I always regret breaking it. Every freakin' time. I invite disaster though by preferring dark er dramas that naturally come with a higher risk of misery. I actually got burned bad not too long ago and so I'm far more cautious now than I used to be. Heck, I was walking on the wild side by just deciding to watch Monstar as it airs.

No really. THAT was an actual internal debate. I am so so so SO glad I did not go the same route with this show. It might have killed me.

I'm disappointed enough and all I did was read the recaps. My condolences no sarcasm to all those who did not escape unscathed. I might go back and watch this someday after I've gotten used to how it ends, but at least I'll be prepared. My wimpy heart could not take it otherwise. Didn't he also have that piece of wood that identified Tae-seo as one of the men of honor as well as Soo-ryun's sash that identified her as one?

He had something that belonged to each of the men of honor in a display case; nice touch. And then he had a red vest like the one he used to wear I doubt it's the same one unless he figured out how to keep fabric from deteriorating over years; but if that is the original sash from Soo-ryun and it survived, maybe his vest did too.

Seeing those relics was the only interesting thing about the ending. This drama did so many things wrong in the end; oh, it tears me up when I think about what it could have been. Side note: They don't get to come back? And Seo-hwa's soul is probably still in the cave with Wol-ryung, which seems right. Nobody cares about Jo Kwang-whatever-his-name-was; he can stay dead.

Jo whatever his name was can stay dead, or he can come back and suffer every indignity known to man. That poison wine was too good for him. Agree that this ending sucked. I agree I hate this show but it's only because I've hated it since the beginning, middle, and end, only the end stamped my hatred for this drama. Seriously how it got it's ratings beats me because I give it a D-.

Such horrible writing. This writer is really bad and I've never liked any of her dramas even if it has my favorite Lee Seung Gi. I swear this was one of the lamest dramas and I'm someone who loved My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and other gumiho dramas but this was just plain awful.

My honest opinion. Myself, I liked the beginning but hated the ending. The middle was where the writer lost the plot. Kang Chi ended up being a crybaby. Never saw a hero cry so much, I thought he was going to get dehydrated. I only stuck to it because of LSG but this is one drama I won't be watching again.

Very disappointing.

Best Wishes to You (OST. Gu Family Book)

I also don't understand how it could have earned high ratings. No competition? Or is it because of LSG or Suzy? Yeowool could've totally lived if kang chi had taken the shot 2. Future yeo wool does not equal past yeo wool 3. What happened to the gu family book 4.Boot indeed! All we did was come back around to the romance. Were the two mutually exclusive? And really they are condemned to repeat all over again their story?

To be honest my favorite ending would have included Wol-ryung and Seo-Hwa surviving, killing off baddie in ep 23, and then spending ep 24 with Wol-ryung and Kang chi exploring their quest for the Gu family book hence the title of the drama.

The album showed off Eminem's poetic talents as well as his emotional and artistic range. Love your endings.

But being openly gay can still feel especially difficult in the world of hip-hop and R. But so much of the emotional payoff I wanted was never delivered.