A beautiful computer hacker and a bad-boy FBI agent must collaborate--in more ways than one--in this sexy, suspenseful novel from #1 New York Times. Read {PDF Epub} Download Wired by Julie Garwood from the story Violence by pontongoldman47 with 41 reads. current, field, type. Simple Way to Read. Read Wired (Buchanan/FBI) PDF Ebook by Julie Garwood. THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER“Once again, Garwood delivers another.

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Julie Garwood. Home · Julie Garwood Garwood, Julie - Rebellious Desire · Read more Garwood, Julie - Buchanan 01 - Heartbreaker Read more. Wired book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A BEAUTIFUL COMPUTER HACKER AND A BAD-BOY FBI AGENT MUST. Read & download Wired By Julie Garwood for Free. PDF, ePub, Mobi Download free read online for your site, iPad, Android, Nook, PC.

Her mind has been compared to a computer. She seems to see patterns that no one else can decipher. Her dream is to create a program that could revolutionize the tech industry.

He can't put any of his own people on it, but he's heard about Allison. He needs her help to spy on the FBI department and track down where the leaks are coming from. Thinking that someone as young as Allison would jump at the chance to work for the FBI, he is amazed at her look of horror while she turns him down flat. What Liam doesn't know She's never kept any money for herself, but laws were still broken.

And Liam is not easily persuaded to look elsewhere.

See a Problem?

The attraction between Allison and Liam is smokin' hot. But Liam doesn't 'do' relationships. Although after meeting Allison, he doesn't want a one-night stand either.

As Allison's life takes on a sinister turn, Liam will do anything he can to protect her. For a Romantic Suspense, with a humorous bent, the reader can't go wrong with Julie Garwood. Although a part of a series, each book is fine as a stand alone.

The characters are well defined and I loved how they interacted. She's independent, used to doing for herself, so it's not easy for her to accept help. Liam is the ultimate alpha-male, but he knows he must use an easy touch with Allison. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I really didn't get a whole lot out of this book. Julie Garwood is an author that I have been wanting to read for ages so when I saw this book offed on First to Read, I jumped at the chance to read it. I ended up being completely underwhelmed by the story.

I had no trouble getting through the book but there was never a moment where I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I just never really got hooked by the story and i This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I just never really got hooked by the story and in the end it was really pretty forgettable.

Allison is the focus of this story. She is an incredibly smart programmer finishing up her last year of college. She is also a model because of course she has to be drop dead gorgeous.

She was raised by her aunt and uncle along with her sister after her parents died. She didn't get a lot of support growing up and her family make her life very difficult. Liam is an FBI agent. He travels all over the world cleaning up problems and he thinks that Allison can help him clean up his current problem. There is a computer leak in the government and he wants her to help him find it.

He is very protective of Allison since she is his asset and seems to know just what to say and do when things go wrong. I really didn't have a whole lot of feelings for any of the characters. Liam would be missing for big sections of the book and really felt like a stereotype when he was in the story. He is the super cool FBI guy there to save the day but we really don't get to know a whole lot about him. Allison was way too perfect and her character just never really felt completely developed.

I never felt that wow factor between them that I look for in a romance. I think that this book probably had too much going on. In addition to that, Allison's family has went absolutely crazy and her former roommate is causing all kinds of problems. The funny thing is that everyone in this book seems to screw up and then blame Allison for it. Everything in the world is probably Allison's fault.

This story is told from both Allison's and Liam's points of view. It was strange though because the points of view would just switch from paragraph to paragraph without any notice. You would be learning what Allison thought about something and then suddenly you are in Liam's head. I found that this style didn't work out very well for me and I would keep looking back to see which point of view had just read.

It just all seemed very odd to me. I wouldn't recommend this book to others. It is readable and I am sure that some readers will enjoy it more than I did. I just found it to be a lackluster overall story. I would like to read some of Julie Garwood's earlier works at some point. Initial Thoughts I am really somewhere between a 2 and 3 for this one. I grabbed this book because I wanted to try Julie Garwood's writing. I don't think that this was the right book to pick.

How many people can really do bad things and blame someone else? Allison seems to be the one at fault for just about everything in this hemisphere if you listen to anyone else.

I guess it just got old. I didn't really care for her character and really don't feel like I got to know Liam's at all. The book would change points of view from one paragraph to the next which felt very strange. View all 10 comments. Not one of my favorites of the series, but, I did enjoy it.

I loved that we had cameo's from Noah, Jordan who is Alli's close friend , and Alec. Allison Trent is in her senior year at college, beautiful, and a genius at computers and unfortunately hacking, she's a modern day cyber Robin Hood and earns money to pay for her education 3.

Allison Trent is in her senior year at college, beautiful, and a genius at computers and unfortunately hacking, she's a modern day cyber Robin Hood and earns money to pay for her education and support her horrid family by modeling on the side.

Liam enlist her help in solving his case by having her work for the FBI Cyber Unit, she doesn't want to, but, because of family troubles she makes a deal. As brilliant as Alli is, writing code and hacking which all started very innocently trying to find money that was stolen from senior citizens, she did find the money, placed it in a secure account and sent all the information to the FBI so they could arrest the perpetrators and return the money to the victim's.

Now the FBI needs her skills. FBI agent Liam Scott has heard about Allison skills with computers and having observed her, he's certain she's the one who could help solve his case. Eventually Liam wants to know her on a more personal and intimate level but that's against the rules, not only his rules, but, the Cyber Units rules. His will and resolve will be tested to their limits especially since she's gorgeous, intelligent, caring, sweet, loyal, and she's just as attracted to him.

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All-in-all, I enjoyed the newest addition to the series, but, I felt it lagged in some places and there seem to be a lot of unnecessary dialog that felt more like "filler". View 2 comments. It turns out I have some pretty fierce opinions about this book. I didn't even realize it until I wrote my review This book was a huge letdown for me. But it wasn't what I hoped it would be. It sounded like it was written someone who didn't know code I don't expect all authors to be experts in what they write about, but a certain amount of research would be nice.

To be blunt, I felt like It turns out I have some pretty fierce opinions about this book. To be blunt, I felt like the author just threw around the same words over and over again and hoped that would be good enough for a book about a "coder".

They all sounded like this though: Just, "Oh then we talked about codes and bugs and hackers. Two things: I've just never heard coders talk like that. Even when the character was doing actual coding there still wasn't any other technical descriptions or explanation of how things got done.

It was just, "I threw on my headphones, hunched over my laptop, and chased the puzzle. It didn't feel like it was read by anyone technical at all. And here's another quote: You can sell knowledge of a bug or exploit , but you wouldn't sell the bug itself. It doesn't really make sense. I saw zero chemistry in the romance The romance was a huge part of the book. In fact, given the lack of depth in the coding part, the romance was arguably the whole point of the story.

I just couldn't see any chemistry there. From my perspective, there was nothing drawing the characters together. Honestly I started skimming through the romancey bits. Plus, it turned into major insta-love. In fact, Allison spend half the book complaining that Liam was never there and never calling or texting her.

Even when they were together, a lot of the time was purely businessy stuff. I don't know if there were four big plot points to keep us guessing or what, but to me it just felt unfocused more than anything. My brain didn't know which event to focus on or which was supposed to be the main part of the story and view spoiler [ 2 ended up being pretty pointless if you ask me hide spoiler ].

Parts of the plot were actually quite fun to read, despite the lack of actual technical stuff. I do think there was some potential there, but it could have been much stronger and more interesting if they just picked ONE two tops event and really focused in on it. The format was kind of jarring The book has two main points of view: Instead, it just switches randomly from paragraph to paragraph. I hate this format in general; I prefer neatly organized chapters that swap back and forth.

But it was made even worse in this case because the voices between the two characters weren't distinct at all. The book often switched points of view and I didn't even realize, then I'd get confused and have to backtrack a little to find out when it switched.

I had to reread the first paragraph of that chapter like three times before my brain realized what had happened and who's point of view I was reading from. Then it did this again with a different character a few chapters later. I thought these two chapters were unnecessary and just made the book weirdly inconsistent.

After all that, two stars probably feels like a generous rating I was unsatisfied with it—sure—but I was actually fully intending to give it three stars until the ending. I really want to keep him out of prison. I feel bad for him because he's in with some bad people now.

Allison was way too nice to people who didn't deserve it. At least Liam kept calling her out on that.

Julie Garwood

May 12, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: WIRED worked for me. Wicked chemistry, strong but growing characters and I think its worth mentioning again There was something in Garwood's presentation of her characters that made them real and compelling. This is my honest and voluntary review.

My Rating: Julie Garwood Series: Berkley Publication Date: July 4, ISBN Woman's Fiction Itunes: Reviewed for: View all 4 comments. This is the first book from Julie Garwood that I've gotten a chance to read. I've seen her books everywhere and wanted to give one a chance. Unfortunately, this one just wasn't for me. I really thought this sounded like my type of book. Computer hacker and FBI agent, what's not to love, right?!

Not so much. Wired is the 13th book in the Buchanan-Renard series, but all books can be read as standalones. The two biggest issues I had with this one was the plot and the romance, so that pretty much rui This is the first book from Julie Garwood that I've gotten a chance to read. The two biggest issues I had with this one was the plot and the romance, so that pretty much ruined the story for me. Because this is a book involving an FBI agent and hacker combo, I really expected more suspense.

I also felt no chemistry between either of the MCs.

It was really strange. I didn't love that Allison had that "special snowflake" quality about her either. She's apparently the most gorgeous person EVER. We repeatedly hear how gorgeous she is and how everyone can't help but stare. Oh and she's also a model part time. Then there's also the fact that without any proper training at all, she is a better hacker then anyone else in the FBI She's just way too perfect! All opinions are my own. First off, I will have to say that this is not the Julie Garwood of old, so longtime fans will just have to get over it I liked Liam and Allison, the story was well written and flowed along nicely, and I wasn't bored.

Unfortunately, it was also a little slow, predictable, and not much really happened. Bottom line Jun 13, Krissys rated it really liked it.

Julie Garwood Title: Wired Series: Buchanan-Renard Cover Rating: Book Rating: download This Book: But behind her gorgeous face is a brilliant mind for computers and her real love is writing—and hacking—code. Her dream is to write a new security program that could revolutionize the tech industry.

He needs the skills of a top-notch hacker to work on a highly sensitive project: A temptation that could put his job—and both of their futures—on the line…and longing for more. If you haven't read the previous books in this series it won't leave you feeling left out or unable to follow along.

Wired reads like a stand alone without so many entanglements in previous plots. It wasn't difficult to relate to the arrangements of Liam and Allison's relationship but after awhile it got a little old and the flip into sudden love felt a little rushed. I would have liked to have Ali be stronger than she was but she felt like a push over when it comes to everyone she's involved with. She has a lot of brains and strength but she just lets everyone shove her around and dominate her and tell her how to think and what to do and makes excuses for everyone and their actions.

I wish we had gotten more from Liam too because he felt a little too hollow and one sided. Despite the fact that I disliked Ali as a character the story itself was okay. Until next time book lovers Krissys Bookshelf Reviews received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley Publishing.

All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own. If any of Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews has been helpful please stop by to like my post or leave a comment to let me know what you think. I love hearing from you! Thank you so much for stopping by! Save Save View 1 comment. I've truly missed Julie Garwood.

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There is not a book she has written that I have not absolutely loved. She has a whole universe of characters, historical and modern, who are interrelated and connected. In "Wired" she picks right up as if it hadn't been three years since her last book was published.

Since I've read everything she has written, I love seeing past characters pop up in this book. Allison Trent is a "White-Hat Hacker". She hacks computer systems and only steals from the bad guys. Any money she recovers and the info to put the baddies away is sent to the FBI, anonymously, of course.

Her relatives, with the exception of her sister, use her as a personal piggy-bank and tell her constantly how ungrateful she is. She is model beautiful and a caring and compassionate person soon to graduate from Boston College, move to California and begin her life.

When Liam and Alec Buchanan show up, Allison thinks she is about to be arrested, but they want her expertise and make her a deal she can't refuse. Something else she can't refuse is the smoldering, hot Agent Scott. But it's that caring and compassionate nature that will get her and her computer brain in a situation she can't hack out of. View all 11 comments.

I sat on the arc for Wired for awhile mainly because I read two dark but absolutely fantastic books back to back at the beginning of the month, and I ended up with a book hangover that sent me into a bit of a slump.

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I wanted to savor it. Allison is a brilliant computer programmer, just finishing up college. Unfortunately, her downfall was she was unbelievably naive and willing to always give someone the benefit of the doubt. Her parents died when she was four, and she and her older sister were sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

She even had a cousin Will who was a spoiled brat like Dudley, although where Dudley improved as an adult, Will turned to violent crime. My issue with Allison was no matter how badly someone treated her, she kept going back for more or just ignoring the problem.

She constantly handed over her hard earned money to her atrocious Aunt and Uncle to bail her cousin out of scrapes with the law. Even after he turned violent she pled his case and got him out on parole, only for him to put someone else in ICU.

Even at the end, she felt sorry for him. Even Liam, our supposed hero, walked all over her. He fought any feelings for her tooth and nail, getting his rocks off then leaving with barely a Goodbye. Needless to say, I thought he was an asshat. The only impressive thing about him was his ability to show up every time Allison was in danger, despite his globetrotting job.

He had a cape with an S on it somewhere, or maybe a Star Trek transporter. The only reason I finished Wired was because I wanted to see what happened with the leak at the FBI and to see her relatives to get their comeuppance along with Brett Keaton and his backer. Unfortunately, after all the buildup two of the three were wrapped up so quickly I felt cheated.

In the end, this was quite a disappointment. I know I have read many Julie Garwood books in the past and I have enjoyed them. This book had me at a crossroads as far as my feelings. I am torn at a few levels. On one hand I really did enjoy the story.

FBI agents and a brilliant computer hacker is a great basis for the story. It was engaging and enjoyable on many levels. The one thing that I did not care for at all was the description of the bedroom scenes.

Some of the words that were used were extremely old-fashioned and at several points jus I know I have read many Julie Garwood books in the past and I have enjoyed them. Some of the words that were used were extremely old-fashioned and at several points just had me laughing and saying "she really didn't write that".

I don't know if these words were chosen because Allison was not very experienced or if it's just the style of writing for this author. But it was very distracting especially in a romantic scene. If you get past the descriptive portions of the physical romance, the story is very good.

I thoroughly enjoyed Liam's character. He was so sweet and caring. Register Remember Password. Allison Trent has always had a special talent for computers. Once she arrives, he thinks he can convince her to join the team. Allison tries to deny her growing attraction to Liam, but just before her year in the FBI is over, she discovers someone has stolen the computer program she developed.

And as they begin to close in on the culprit, they also begin to give in to each other…. Bookmark This Page. Password Register Remember Password. Case in point, here are my comments about the two main characters in Ideal: Not only is Max a Special Agent with the FBI, he's also a lawyer, a graduate of Vanderbilt, and along with 5 of his six brothers was adopted after his own parents were tragically killed in an accident when he was 5.

His older brother is a quarterback in the NFL and, in his spare time, he talks little boys down from the ledge because he has a "special touch" that apparently no other law enforcement officer in all of St. Louis possesses. And Ellie? This paragon of perfection is like fucking super woman, people. She's a prodigy genius who started high school at ten years old, schooled math geniuses as a pre-teen, saves choking men in restaurants, and discovers melanoma on gang bangers in police stations just whilst "passing by.All the little details Garwood usually puts in her books to enrich the story just were not there.

After all those dark-haired, blue-eyed heroes I've fallen for lately, a tall, attractive sandy-blond haired lawman with the physique of a Roman gladiator was a refreshing change.

In fact, let's have a moment of silence for the death of my Garwood reading joy.

I do think there was some potential there, but it could have been much stronger and more interesting if they just picked ONE two tops event and really focused in on it. And it was because there's a cousin -- the aunt and uncle's son -- and he's prone to getting into lots of trouble.

Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed—and popular—romance authors around, with nearly forty million copies of her books in print.